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The successful exit from prostitution – a report on the work of SISTERS e.V.

We from “SISTERS – for the exit from prostitution! e.V.” will regularly inform you here on our website about our public relations work and will share with you various media reports on our activities. Today, however, we give you an insight into our practical work which is an essential part of our commitment.

The voice of SISTERS e.V. is heard throughout Europe! – S. Constabel in the Council of Europe

The first chairwoman of SISTERS e.V., Sabine Constabel, was invited as an expert to a committee of the Council of Europe in Paris on 6 September 2019.
In its opinion, it was able to present the situation in Germany and to draw attention to the fatal consequences of ‘liberalisation’.
By the end of the year, the Committee plans to call on member states to act with the report “Concerted Action against Trafficking in Human Beings”.

The Crusade of the Pro-Prostitution-Lobby – by Ane Stø und Asta Håland

With the kind permission of the authors Ane Stø und Asta Håland, we have translated the article “The Crusade of the Pro-Prostitution-Lobby” from English to German and offer here both versions for download. The original was published in 2013 in the collection The Nordic Model by Trine Rogg Korsvik and Ane Stø.


Der Kreuzzug der Pro-Prostitutions-Lobby

The Crusade of the Pro-Prostitutions-Lobby

Trouble in Paradise: the rise and fall of Germany’s ‘brothel king’

Hilke Lorenz, reporter of the Stuttgarter Zeitung wrote in The Guardian About “brothel king” Jürgen Rudloff. He is now serving a five-year sentence for aiding and abetting trafficking.

To the article in The Guardian

“10 myths about pornography” from schwedish NGO Talita

Talita is a schwedish NGO, who cares for women who were exploited in prostitution, in pornography and in human trafficking. Talita help them to escape.  They transmitted us 10 myths about pornography. We are pleased to publish them, because prostitution and pornography destroy human beings and sexuality.


To the myths

Prostitution and free choice – by Dana Levy, a Israeli survivor

Dana Levy is an Israeli sex industry survivor who promotes the Nordic Model in Israel. She publishes articles in local newspapers in order to influence public opinion. She very kindly sent us (Nordic model now) this translation of one of her articles with a message of thanks for what she describes as our ‘amazing work.’ We send thanks for her amazing work in return.

Barbara-Künkelin-Award for Sabine Constabel: Laudation & Speech of thanks

On March 11th 2018 Sabine Constabel and SISTERS – For The Exit From Prostitution! e.V. were rewarded with the Barbara-Künkelin-Award of the City of Schorndorf by Mayor Matthias Klopfer. Here we publish the laudation given by Prof. Dr. Monika Barz and the speech of thanks by Sabine Constabel.

“Women are not a commodity!” – Social worker Sabine Constabel, commenting on prostitution in Germany

Yesterday there was a “Public hearing on combating human trafficking and on monitoring prostitution areas” in the Bundestag [the German parliament]. The occasion for this was a bill submitted by the CDU/CSU [Conservatives] and the FDP [Liberals], which provides, inter alia, the trade-legal monitoring of brothels. One of the experts who appeared before the Bundestag in Berlin this afternoon, was Social worker Sabine Constabel. She has been working for 20 years in the Stuttgart red light district, where she attends to prostitutes in the Café “La Strada” – and she knows the milieu.