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Barbara-Künkelin-Award for Sabine Constabel: Laudation & Speech of thanks

On March 11th 2018 Sabine Constabel and SISTERS – For The Exit From Prostitution! e.V. were rewarded with the Barbara-Künkelin-Award of the City of Schorndorf by Mayor Matthias Klopfer. Here we publish the laudation given by Prof. Dr. Monika Barz and the speech of thanks by Sabine Constabel.

“Women are not a commodity!” – Social worker Sabine Constabel, commenting on prostitution in Germany

Yesterday there was a “Public hearing on combating human trafficking and on monitoring prostitution areas” in the Bundestag [the German parliament]. The occasion for this was a bill submitted by the CDU/CSU [Conservatives] and the FDP [Liberals], which provides, inter alia, the trade-legal monitoring of brothels. One of the experts who appeared before the Bundestag in Berlin this afternoon, was Social worker Sabine Constabel. She has been working for 20 years in the Stuttgart red light district, where she attends to prostitutes in the Café “La Strada” – and she knows the milieu. She says: “The presentation of the prostitution industry lobbyists – representing the prostitution among the miserable and destitute women as well as the forced prostitution as a regrettable marginal phenomenon within prostitution – misses reality.” Just as the draft law on commercial law. “We have in brothels quite different problems than the condition of the kitchen and the number of emergency exits,” says Constable. She calls for further measures to combat prostitution and human trafficking – according to the Swedish model. Here is her impressive speech.